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UNIX has been the most stable, flexable and reliable operating system for more than 30 years. It has been used extensively for mission critical systems. During its 30 years of history, UNIX has grown and matured to be the system for professionals and software developers. In fact, the Internet would not exist without UNIX. To get you started with UNIX, I wrote a syllabus (in Dutch).


Linux is one of the latest UNIX incarnations and is widely available for personal computers. It is nowadays the preferred operating system for both servers and desktop applications. Linux offers the most functionality and reliability at the lowest price. Certainly for Intel based PCs, it is the best alternative to a descendant of a bad user shell for a very limited single-user operating system we all know.

Linux is an efficient and stable multi-user operating system with virtual memory, full network support, a complete set of development tools, graphical user interfaces and much more. A small installation of Linux will even run on a 386 with just 4 megabytes of memory. We can supply fully installed Linux systems and offer an extensive support program.

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