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Andromeda Technology & Automation Software Development

We develop software for a wide range of applications. This includes anything from high-level graphical applications to real-time embedded systems. Most of our development focusses on Unix (and of course Linux) and X Windows.

An example of application areas is listed below.

MPEG digital video and audio processing

The international standard for digital television is MPEG-2. The standard defines the digital compression of video and audio and how those compressed streams are transmitted, decoded and synchronized.

Graphical user interfaces in X Windows

The Andromeda X Windows Encapsulation (AXE) is a C++ class library which facilitates an object oriented approach to software development for X windows. Resources in X, such as windows, colors, fonts and cursors are represented by basic objects. On top of these resources is a class hierarchy of user-interface objects. For example drop-down menus, buttons, scrollbars and tables.


Client-side (Java, JavaScript) and server-side (cgi, php, python) applications for the internet.

Programming tools

UNIX system administration tools

Open Source projects